24/7/365 Security Monitoring Services

Securely Yours LLC is proud to announce a Managed Security Service of 24/7/365 monitoring of the security activities within our clients IT environments. Securely Yours has opened a Security Operations Center (SOC), dedicated to monitoring its client’s cyber security activities.  As global cyber security regulations demand continuous monitoring of the networks, Securely Yours is delighted to harness its decades of cyber security experience in announcing this offering at very competitive pricing.

Besides the traditional review of logs through use of Security Information Event Management (SIEM), the Securely Managed Offering from Securely Yours provides the following additional services:

  • Asset Discovery and Inventory
  • Vulnerability Scanning of internal network (credential scans)
  • Network and Host Intrusion Detection
  • Behavior Analytics

Sajay Rai, President and CEO of Securely Yours LLC, described the offering as follows: “In our ever-changing cyber security world, companies must take steps to protect their sensitive information by monitoring their networks.  Global regulations are demanding continuous monitoring by companies to safeguard their information.  We wanted to offer a continuous monitoring solution which is comprehensive, provides better service than what is being offered in the marketplace at a fraction of the cost.”

Ryan Carrithers, President of Finance of KUKA Systems explains some of the benefits as follows: “For companies like us who currently are thinking of getting a SIEM software or a vulnerability scanning software, this offer not only provides the SIEM and scanning software, but also provides 24/7/65 security monitoring at a cost which is lower than the combined cost of just licensing the two software.”

“For those clients who already have a SIEM software, but are looking for an outside provider to monitor their SIEM, we offer a very competitive price point compared to what is offered in the industry today”, Mr. Rai added.

According to several of our clients, one of the reasons they selected this service from Securely Yours is that they wanted to make effective use of their resources.  One of them quoted: “By letting Securely Yours manage the monitoring tasks, it freed our resources to focus on vulnerability management and incident response and helped us make the overall security program more effective.”

For more information visit securelymanaged.com , Download the brochure or call (248) 723-5224. Send inquiry to info@securelyyoursllc.com