Securely Yours is delighted to be a cyber partner with State of MI

We provide you, the local entities within the State with cyber services.  We have agreed to provide cyber assessment for your entity, based on Center of Internet Security (CIS) security controls in Implementation Group 1.  The pricing has been fixed based on the size of your entity.  We have agreed to provide you a price which is either equal or lower than what we agreed with State of MI.



What services are included as part of this pricing agreement?



Cybersecurity Assessment Workshop using CIS Controls and CSAT Tool


Assessment Report & Recommendations


Cybersecurity Improvements Plan


Baseline Incident Response Plan


12 Monthly Advisory Sessions (1 hour)


End of Year Assessment

What is the agreed upon price?


Core Service Offerings

Small Entity
Less than 50 End Points

Medium Entity
50-500 End Points

Large Entity
500-1500 End Points

X-Large Entity
1500+ End Points

Includes Travel

Core Service Offering






Travel Description (Time and Expenses)

The travel is included for Districts 1,2,3 assuming that there is no overnight stay involved.  For other districts, the assumption is for in-person visits, an overnight stay will be necessary in which case, the actual travel expenses will be invoiced to the entity in addition to the listed fee.

Travel will be explicitly pre-approved by the Local Public Entity, will follow allowed rates, and will be invoiced billed on a cost reimbursement basis, with receipts.

How do I get started?

To determine the size of your entity, please complete the following form:


What if I need to talk to someone about this service?

You can either send us:

1. Electronic message using Get Started link
2. Email to
3. Call 248-723-5224

What if I need to see a sample of what I will get as the assessment report?

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What if I need to see a sample of the Incident Response Plan?

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What if I have other cyber needs besides cyber assessment?

Securely Yours has negotiated the following services and pricing with State of MI to provide to the local entities.

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